Heidi Müller is born in Munich in 1976. Her education brings her to London where she obtains a BA Hons at the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in 1999.

Having developed a taste for design and live performance, coupled with a passion for clothes, she begins work as a costume designer for the theater and music videos on the Berlin scene.

The logical next step is to study pattern cutting and tailoring, which she does under the Berlin designer Heiko, shortly hereafter creating her first collection, with the sugarsweet name of Seelenzucker, in 2003.

While working on a French film set in the 1950s, she decides to stay in Paris and attend the prestigious fashion school "Cours Berçot", from which she graduates two years later, in 2007.

After a passage at Rue du Mail, she sets up as a freelance designer in 2008.

Due to the scope of her experience, she is able to work on projects ranging from costume design for events or clips to the elaboration of a collection.

Her understanding of the different spheres within fashion allows her to work with both younger brands and designers such as Yazbukey or M/Marani, as well as luxury brands such as Cartier.

In 2009 she wins first prize in the “les cravates par Hermès” competition by Hermès and Designboom - look out for her tie in shops from June 2010.