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In 2007 I won first prize in this competition organized by Studio Berçot and the Musée Galliera.

The object of the competition was to design a more fashionable alternative to the existing safety vests for the growing community of cyclists in Paris.

I am open to investment and/or production proposals on this!

Following this, I was asked to propose a new version of the safety vest for the German Foreign Office.

I kept the vest light, as the foreign office volunteers likely to wear this can find themselves in hot climates. It is especially important for them to be easily identifiable and they also carry quite a lot of stuff around with them.

Another consideration with this project was to make the vests easily sendable and as universal a fit as possible. To achieve this, they can be adjusted both in width at the belt and in length at the front “suspenders”, which are attached to the belt with velcro straps.

                                The vest folds into itself to a size of 18X18 cm.

As the proud owner of a Honda Chaly 70 (a small 70s motorcycle), I identified the need for a chic city bag in which the modern woman can carry her helmet while shopping - try moving around a Paris boutique with your helmet on one arm and your it-bag on the other, and you will want one too :  ).