“La magie de l’ecrin”  (The magic (of the) jewel box)

exists both as a performance piece and as a film.

The piece features an original choreography by Blanca Li with scenography and digital animation by Bowling club, costumes by Heidi Mueller  and an orchestral composition by Emmanuel d’Orlando. (Duration: 10 minutes).

The project was produced and art-directed by Dalbin-Event.

Inspired by the jewel box as an element representing the Cartier universe, the designers Bowling club have conceived a large-scale jewel box. Their digital animation piece is shown on a diptych of integrated plasma screens. Several mirrors at the back of the stage multiply their graphic interpretations of the codes specific to the house Cartier.

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picture © Yves Malenfer

project description
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In addition to Cartier’s universe, the choreographer Blanca Li found inspiration in Esther Williams’ water ballets. This is enhanced by a mirror placed above the five dancers, providing the audience with a simultaneous bird’s eye view of the kaleidoscopic choreography. She uses existing elements belonging to the house as props for her dancers to interact with.

The costume designer Heidi Mueller underlined the geometrical figures present in the choreography by giving the dancers a slightly abstract and discreet elegance with only their hands highlighted in Cartier red. The soles of the dancers’ feet seem to have been dipped in gold and a dust of pearls clings to their tights.

The composer Emmanuel d’ Orlando creates a theme which he then varies like a cinematic score. From gracious to sensual and at times more energetic and volatile, his music is at all times enchantingly optimistic. One may feel reminded of Ravel’s Boléro while listening.

Cartier’s intention in realising this piece is the singular encounter of the digital images’ modernity, the timelessness of the music and the sensuality of dance.

“La magie de l’ écrin” immerses the spectator in Cartier’s poetic universe for its duration.